Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Women's Conference Style Post

Hey Hey!

I attended a women’s conference at church with an old friend 2 weeks ago. In the spirit of women empowerment and our love for fashion we decided to take a few snaps just before the conference.

Shout out to mother nature for the insane backdrop!

AW Fashion

Army Green Outfit

Love & Scribbles

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Espadrilles and Monki Dress

Dress: Monki.

Shoes: Edgars.

Monki cream dress

Monki Dress

Edgars Shoes

Love & Scribbles

Famcation in East London, South Africa.

 Festive season at home is about spending time with my loved ones, stuffing my face & going on a road trip with my family.

As the self- proclaimed 'travel agent' in my family I planned our December vac in quite a short amount of time due to my family members and I being indecisive.

We eventually decided on East London, South Africa. The small city is situated in the southeast coast of South Africa. Approximately 6 hours away from Bloemfontein and about 9 hours away from Johannesburg. It's famous for its beaches & surfing.  We definitely didn't do the latter.

A few tourist attractions I wanted to check out were: the Anne Bryant Art Gallery, Chocolate Factory Warehouse, and the Khaya la Bantu Cultural Village but unfortunately could only go to Nahoon beach, The City Hall,Nahoon Point Nature Reserve and Gonubie beach since most of the places were closed until January.

Nahoon Beach

Nahoon point nature reserve.

The bat's cave trail is the most popular walk at the reserve & leads down to a sandy beach. Walking along the boardwalk, overlooking the splendid view was definitely the highlight of my trip.

Boardwalk at Nahoon Point Nature Reserve


Boarderwalk Stroll

Sunset in East London

The perfect place to catch the sunset!
Gonubie beach

City Hall
The Victorian architectural inspired building is right in the city Centre. It was unfortunately closed and could only take pictures of the building from outside.
City Hall in East London, South Africa.

City Hall Door

City Hall in East London

East London famcation was a well-deserved break where we got to Eat. Sleep. Relax. Bond.

Hoping our next  trip will be Mozambique.
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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Modern Traditional Wedding Outfit

Tis' the season for weddings!

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Edgars.

Headwrap: Material Store in Bloemfontein.

Accessories: H&M, Monki and Downtown Bloemfontein. 

Traditional wedding deco

White turtle neck dress

African Print Headwrap
                                                              Love & Scribbles

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Series of Emotions

A Series of Emotions

Location: Damansara,Kuala Lumpur. 

Photographer: Sunky .

Model: Myself.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bittersweet Trip:Penang Island

Waking up from a 2 hour nap to catch a 7am flight doesn't seem too appealing right? Yup thats what I thought as well. Nonetheless,I was too excited to even think about exhaustion and I was ready to explore and be the wanderlust that I am.

After a short 1 hour flight we arrived in Penang Island,located northwest coast of Malaysia. It was a bittersweet trip as it was my last Malaysian trip,however I made sure I plan my itinerary to the T-so precise I even allocated time schedules for eating,and if you know me you'd know anytime is munch time.  

We stayed in the capital city of the island called Georgetown which was founded by the British. Georgetown is this hipster town with a medieval vibe to it. The architecture is British inspired with a touch of colour,pattern and the country's heritage.  Walking through the narrow roads was like living in a different era with a fusion of western and eastern influence.
Penang Architecture

Streets of Georgetown

Building in Georgetown

Georgetown has been listed as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and most of the attractions such as the Clan Jetties, street art by Lithuanian artist-Ernest Zacharevic,Armenian Street,Temples,local Street food are all in the same vicinity.
George Town World Heritage Inc


Penang Road

Armenian Street is one of the famous streets surrounded by artsy cafes,street art,temples,street entertainment, and food stalls to name a few.
Armenian Street

Ice Ball

Our mode of transport were bicycles and we spent our Friday taking snaps of the famous street art,going on a food hunt,and riding through the narrow roads one paddle at a time.
The Press In Georgetown

Street Art In Penang

Art In Penang

Chicken and Pork

The street art is located all around Georgetown but the most famous one being 'Little Children on a Bicycle” is in Armenian Street. We had to wait in line just to take pictures in front of the art,thats how famous it is!
Little Children On a Bicycle street art

Based on the blog reviews I read I had high expectations of  the food in Penang but it was however quite underwhelming. Some food stalls were closed or others would open late. Maybe we made bad food choices or we were just unlucky. However,the food we did get to eat was good to the palette. My fav has to be the gelato from Maxims Gelato. I'd go back just for 2 more scoops!

Maxims Gelato

Saturday was quite a treat. We visited the Clan Jetties- located along the waterfront and close to the Ferry terminal. The jetties are home to several Chinese clans, so its basically walking in someones house and backyard but only theirs is not on land but above sea level and their surrounded by tourists. It was fascinating walking around and taking snaps whilst someone was busy cooking or cleaning their house.
Clan Jetties

Clan Jetties

The houses are built of a special kind of wood, which makes them resistant to the influences of the seawater.

After going on a food hunt,satisfying my dim sum craving and sweating as per usual lol we later unwinded at Reggae Mansion with some live music,pizza and a bit of dancing.

I believe Sundays on vacations are about relaxing and reflecting and we did just that. We were basking in the sun at Batu Ferringhi beach listening to the sound of the waves. The beach is average but the tranquility was just what I needed.

Batu Ferringhi Beach

Batu Ferringhi

This trip was cultural,hipster,refreshing and was surely the perfect last trip to close my chapter in Malaysia.

Thank you Penang!