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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In The Style

In The Style is a trend based fashion brand, recongised globally. The plus size clothing range caters for sizes 14-22 and is specifically designed to flatter the figure.

I collaborated with the brand by being in the In The Style Curve  spring/summer campaign. The one thing I absolutely loved about the clothing items is how versatile and comfortable they are!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Love Drobe

Love Drobe is a world-renowned plus-size fashion brand in the UK and also available on Asos  In 2014 the brand won 'best designer' at the plus-size fashion awards in London.

I collaborated with the brand by styling the 'topsy curvy floral bodysuit' and spoke about my style and inspiration.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Pink Clove

Pink Clove is home to a range of clothing in sizes 16-28, translating the latest influential trends from the catwalks.   I collaborated with the U.K based online store to create 2 spring/summer looks.

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom.

Photographer: Louise Barlow 

Shop the looks at


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trinny London Ambassador

Trinny London is a beauty brand by British stylist and TV personality, Trinny Woodall. The personalised stackable beauty products are created to to make it very simple to buy makeup perfectly suited to the unique combination of your skin, hair and eyes. Every formula in the 11-strong collection is cream based and can be applied with your fingers and lives in tiny click-together pots.

I was one of the ambassadors of the brand and absolutely love the personalisation of the brand and the convenience of the stacks.

 I took the Match2me test to find the perfect colour palette.

All products are available on the website


A Day In my life as a TFN writer and Content creator

Name: Wandi Jama.

Job Role: Writer and Content Creator.

A day in the life 

My day usually starts around 8ish (depending on what time I slept). I first pray and then think about my #ootd lol. I usually start my working day at 10:30 or earlier. 
Before making myself a cup of green tea and reading my emails, I have my daily rants about the weather. After getting that out of the way, I compile a to-do list for the day, check article stats and then respond to emails.Depending on the day and whether I’m chasing a deadline, I upload an article on the website.  After that I get in contact with more brands to build more relationships. I usually work on 2 or 3 articles per day.
Part of my role is networking( duh!) and building relationships with brands and suppliers. That would require me to be out for a few hours, either interviewing someone in their office or having a meeting with someone over a cup of tea. After the meeting, I come back to the office and work on an article.
As the day ends, I usually read up on the latest news (the CNN tab is always up on my laptop), tick my to-do list boxes and then go change for the gym. If I have an event to attend after work, I usually head straight there from work.
Who’s on your Spotify playlist?
H.E.R, Ella Mai, Tasha Cobbs, Daniel Caesar.
Top 3 favourite Instagram accounts.
That’s a difficult one but @songofstyle for her style. (see what I did there)
@lulamawolf –South African influencer who’s changed the game!
@shotfromthestreet- for her effortless street style.

Proudest Moment?
Applying to go study in Malaysia and receiving a 50% scholarship. Embarking on that journey opened some really great doors for me!
Favourite trend at the moment and how do you style it?
I’m obsessed with the beret trend!  A long trench coat, a bold lippie and ankle boots. My big curly hair in the beret  usually makes a statement so I don’t have to do too much when it comes to styling the rest of the outfit.

 Something you want to achieve in the next year?
Collaborate and sign a contract with my favourite brand. 
Favourite place you’ve visited?
Can’t choose between NYC and Bali. Think Bali cause of the fond memories I made with my sister.

Your go-to work outfit?
My navy blue pants from Monki, black ankle boots and a long coat.
Tea or Coffee?
Green Tea
Best brunch spot in Manchester?
Sorry, I don't eat eggs! Does muesli and Yogurt from M&S count? 
Go-to high-street store?
Has to be Zara!
Favourite channel on YouTube?
@papculture- my favourite trio from South Africa! The content is relevant, educational but still hilarious.

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